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A win-win opportunity and a chance to provide your community with top-notch insight and actionable advice FROM THE THOUGHT-LEADERS DRIVING THE VEGAN ECONOMY.

Plant-Based Business Week is the first online event dedicated exclusively to the rapidly growing plant-based sector.

Our mission is to inspire and educate plant-based entrepreneurs about the possibilities that exist in this space and provide them with the tools and knowledge needed to develop, launch and manage a successful vegan business.

Your audience will hear from 30+ of the leading experts, founders, entrepreneurs and investors across the entire industry — and you will earn at least 40% commission on all sales before, during and after the event.

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Plant-Based Business Week Details


Pre-launch promotion

July 12th – September 11th, 2017


September 12th – September 18th, 2017

Encore Days

September 19th – September 20th, 2017


1. Pre-launch

During this period your community will be able to register for the event (for free). In addition, attendees may purchase VIP Access to event recordings, transcripts and bonuses during this time at a steep discount.

2. Launch

Plant-Based Business Week will run as a virtual summit from September 12th to September 18th. Each day, a new module covering one of the 7 areas of plant-based business will become freely available to all attendees who submitted their contact information.

The video and audio recordings of each module will be available for 24 hours until the next module opens.

People may still register during this time. Registrants may also purchase the recordings of the event at a discount (but higher than during the pre-launch).

3. Encore

We’ll replay the most popular content of the summit during these 2 days.

4. VIP Access

Attendees who decide to upgrade their free summit pass to VIP Access will get the audio and video recordings of all interviews as the modules open, but they will enjoy ongoing access to all content.

In addition, VIP Access will include interview transcripts and a free digital copy of The Plant-Based Entrepreneur: 50 Faces of the Cruelty-Free Economy.

The first 100 people to sign up for VIP Access will also receive the printed copy of the book.

The Opportunity For You

We are highly committed to our viewers enjoying the content and getting the most from this event, but we are equally committed to making sure to compensate you for your time and energy.

  • You’ll receive 40% commission on all sales coming through your affiliate link. In addition to this, we are offering an extra 5% in 2nd tier affiliate commissions (meaning you can invite other affiliates to join our program and earn a commission on the sales they make).
  • The VIP Access Pass will likely be between $47 and $97 during prelaunch, $147 during the event and $247 once the event ends.
  • We will be testing our Early Bird Pricing during the first weeks of the summit promotion, but the minimum you will earn for a referred customer is $27.
  • First affiliate payouts will be made on October 12th. Subsequent affiliate payouts will be made on the 15th of the month, for the 12 months following the event.
  • To join as an affiliate and receive your Affiliate Pack, simply click on the button below and fill in your details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual summit?

A virtual summit combines the convenience of online learning with the educational opportunities of a multi-day conference. Speakers’ interviews are pre-recorded and released as the summit launches, to be watched whenever is the most convenient for each attendee.

Are there any requirements to be an affiliate?

Anyone can join to help us spread the word on Plant-Based Business Week. After you receive the welcome email with your affiliate pack, we’d appreciate you writing back to tell us just a little bit about yourself, your online presence and your followers. This is not a requirement, however, we reserve the right to remove any affiliate who we feel is misrepresenting the event or whose mission and values are grossly unaligned with our own.

How does affiliate tracking work?

Once you have registered as an affiliate, you will be assigned your personalized link to the event page. This creates a cookie for every visitor who arrives to the page through your link and tells our tracking system to assign the commission to you when that visitor upgrades their pass.  Make sure you use this link in all your emails, written content and social media posts.

Will I have access to the recordings?

Yes, all approved affiliates will receive a complimentary VIP Access Pass. We want you to know what you are promoting to your audience. (Please note that we reserve the right to remove any affiliate who we believe has signed up only to receive free VIP access, with no intention of promoting the event.)

How do payouts work?

Payouts will be done via PayPal. To do this, we will need to know your PayPal email when you sign up to be an affiliate. First payouts will be made on October 12th, one month after Plant-Based Business Week launches.

You can always check the commissions you’ve earned and the status of your payouts in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Are there any rules for promoting the event?
We expect you to use good judgment when promoting Plant-Based Business Week and reserve the right to terminate the affiliate account of any person we feel is misrepresenting the event or promoting it in a malicious manner.
Some examples of this include obvious click-baiting, tricking users to click on the affiliate link or masking it so it is not obvious it is linking to an external website, purchasing through your own affiliate link (you will have VIP Access, anyway) and cookie stuffing.
If you don’t know what cookie stuffing means, that’s ok. We don’t expect our affiliates to use those techniques anyway.
What if I have other questions?

You’ll receive your Affiliate Pack with detailed information by email once you sign up to be an affiliate. For anything else, get in touch with our team by writing to

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